Can you have casual sex without getting emotionally attached?

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Just been on Paul Gill Ilife show on 105-107fm again, talking about this subject of can you have a casual sexual encounter without getting emotionally attached?  Well from our conversation, we came to the conclusion that you can’t….. well, you can unless you actually have feelings for the person!!!  The whole oxytosin hormone that apparently only women seem to release when they have sex causes them to get more emotionally connected to the their partner. So it answers the question for the women…NO  They can’t!  As for the men who don’t release this oxytosin so therefore don’t get emotionally attached mean the answer is YES they can (or Is Feidir Linn…. lol!!)  For me, I found that a fascinating piece of information, as it Explains EVERYTHING!!! ( and I kept bringing that up in the show! sorry!) So girls if you like that guy…. don’t do it!!! at the beginning.. hold off and wait for the oxytosin to develope in him first naturally before you allow him to do the “durty deed”!!!!


Having said that if you don’t like him and you have some sexual needs to be fullfilled by all means go right ahead and do the whole no strings attached what have you got to loose??  Just your rep and being called a “slapper”, but sure who cares in the this day n age?  Just don’t do it on your own door step… make sure no finds out!!   I’m kidding….. would love to know your thoughts and feelings on this matter?  Find it a fascinating subject as it seems to be very main stream in this day n age.  Is casual sex the way to do it, without the pain and monotony of being in a loving relationship?  Or do people actually want to have relationships anymore?


Trust Issues within a relationship!

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Emer Dee here from Paul Gill’s show ILife on I105-107fm broadcast every Sunday evening from 10pm-1am. Firstly i want to welcome you to my Blogg on Heart Matters.  This is a blog i’ve set up because I’m fascinated with relationships of all types, but particularly the relationships between men and women. Reasons being, well quite frankly (a) I’ve never quite got it “right” myself, (b) its fascinates me the trials and tribulations of relationships and the differences between the sexes on how we feel about them.  I actually think as a nation (irish) we don’t put enough importance on how to make things go smoothly within a relationship and as result it gets more difficult as modern times goes on, to find the right one.   I want to know how everyone feels about this… my aim here on this blogg is to get people talking about their relationships and what works/ doesn’t work for them personally to share this knowledge/experience with everyone so we can all benefit from the consequences of these experiences.  I am going to be as open and honest as i possible with my knowledge regarding what works and doesn’t work within relationships, so i would be delighted with which ever insights people have in this matter.

So the first topic im going to discuss tonight with Paul is Trust Issues within a relationship?   Are you a person to be trusted within a relationship?  Have you ever two timed someone, or betrayed their trust by being intimate with someone else?  Are you attracted to people who cannot be trusted?  Do you trust yourself?  I will discuss these topics with Paul in detail in his show and I will continue the discussion here after the show.  Please feel free to share your opinion on this below. Look forward to hearing from you.

Emer Dee

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